Luscious Lemon Drop Martini

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A Lemondrop, fit for a Queen!

This lemon drop is the best you’ll ever find! Fit for a queen!

Luscious Lemon Drop Martinis

Last fall I went on a cruise with girlfriends. The cruise was with Norwegian on the Getaway.  One of the bartenders prepared a lemon drop martini that was SO delicious. We would see this bartender every time we wanted a drink…  Seriously, we would traverse up and down from different floors, and from one end of the ship to the other, just to go to his bar to have him make them for us!  I watched what he did, and adapted this recipe from his example. The golden honey color of these lemon drop martinis will let your guests know that this drink is something different from the usual pale and tart ho-hum lemon drop!

W Our bartender on the NCL Getaway, mixing his delicious lemon drop martinis. He took such pride in what he did, and seemed so pleased when we came to see him each evening!

Luscious Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

In a small sandwich sized zip-lock bag mix superfine sugar with a few drops of yellow food coloring, and a few drops of Orange or lemon flavoring until sugar is a consistent color and flavoring is mixed in. Pour into a plate. (After my event, I put leftover sugar into a zip lock bag and use at my next event.)

Slice lemons some in wedges, to run around the rims of your glasses.  Others in round slices to use as a garnish on the glass.

Use Lemon wedges to moisten edge of glasses, and dip into your colored sugar mixture.  This can be done before your event, so you don’t have to take time once your guests arrive.


2 parts lemon flavored vodka (put in freezer for a day or two before event to get as cold as possible)

1 part lemonade

¼ part orange juice

½ part sweet & sour bar mix (pre-chill)

¼ part simple syrup

Put all ingredients into a shaker, pour into sugared martini glasses and garnish with a lemon slice.

Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!

Lemondrop martinis

My niece, Kelly and me, enjoying one of our lemon drop martinis on our cruise.

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