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Who Wants a Fun Night Out On Me?

If you read my blog, you know that I am ALL ABOUT women having more fun! I believe that to “Live a Royal Life” you have to schedule fin into your life.  “Girl’s Night Out” is an UBER important part of the “having fun” concept.  Sometimes, I hear the lament, “I just can’t afford it”…….. OK girlies, I’m taking away ALL of the excuses now!

I am giving away a FREE TICKET valued at $35.00 for an event a friend of mine puts on every year! My friend, Mandy Rodriguez puts on a dance party that a fabulous group of women attend each year. The event happens this Saturday, August 25th, from 5-10 PM at Springhill Suites in Oceanside.

I love to reward my subscribers with occasional contests and “freebies” and this is just another bit of fun I want to bless someone with.

Mandy is one of the most fun DJ's around, and the ladies that attend are some of the dearest to my heart!

Mandy (of Mandy Mixes)  is one of the most fun DJ’s around, and the ladies that attend are some of the dearest to my heart!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Now, God knows, Mandy can’t ADVERTISE this as a “girls’ dance party”, because sure as shootin’ some jackass would spring forth and claim discrimination……. but, we are just a bunch of women who love each other’s company and have a great night out without the guys!

Remember the fun you had dancing with your girlfriends in grade school?  Middle school? High School?  Well, it’s not to late to STILL enjoy dancing with the girls!

Not only am I going to give away a FREE TICKET to the event, I’ll also buy your first drink!

So, here is how it works.  I am giving the ticket to someone who has never gone to Mandy’s dance party, and is one of my subscribers.  You can text or email me, tell me you’d like the free ticket, and MAYBE you want to give me a reason why I should choose YOU to go! Or, get really clever, and tag me on your facebook with why YOU should be going to the Dance Party next Saturday…….. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

You can text me at 800-680-9133 or email me at

If you are the lucky winner, you will get a free swag bag from me, the ticket to the event, the EVENT swag bag, a drink and the opportunity for you and I to get to know each other better AND a chance to meet a group of fantastic women……. AND dance your butt off all night! That’s like a win-win-win-win-WIN!

What are you waiting for?  Isn’t it time to get going on winning this contest?


A Small Sacrifice for Our American Heroes

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One of the units which received boxes from Operation America Cares

One of the units which received some of the boxes from Operation America Cares

Operation America Cares

I had known about the monthly packing events for a few years.  I meant to get around to it, time after time, but never had.  Then my great-nephew joined the marines in late June, and suddenly what they were doing jumped further to the top of my list.  I put it on my calendar, made a few phone calls, and showed up.

When I spoke to Linda Milimaki she told me to come about 8:45.  I pulled up at 8:50, because, once again, I had pulled away from my house without my cell phone, and needed to go back for it.  When I pulled up to the beautiful Escondido neighborhood that Linda lives in, I saw a flurry of activity.  Cars were lined up and down the street, the driveway was filled with tables, and her  3 car garage  was wall to wall tables and people in an “assembly line” filling up boxes.

This simple little hand lettered sign greeted me as I walked up the driveway, already bustling with volunteers diligently at work!

This simple little hand lettered sign greeted me as I walked up the driveway, already bustling with volunteers diligently at work!

The organization I had come to help on that Saturday morning is Operation America Cares. The organization was the brain-child of two sisters who found out that many of our troops never receive a care package or mail from home. They wanted to change that by providing a little ray of sunshine into the lives of some of those troops.

The Start of Something Great

They packed their first 35 boxes for Christmas in 2008. Since then there have been over 24,000 boxes send out of Linda’s home, with the help of donations and monthly packing “parties.”

I was first introduced to this endeavor through my local Realtor Caravan meetings a few years ago.  Every quarter we choose a local charity, and collect weekly donations. At the end of the quarter a check is presented to the chosen charity.  After hearing about Operation America Cares, I invited one of their volunteers, Cheryl Sutcliff, a local lender I know and trust in our community to come and speak to my Kiwanis club.  I was president of the club, and wanted my members to know about the need.

When Cheryl stood in front of our group with one of the boxes filled with the items sent off monthly, I felt like I was watching Mary Poppins pull things out of her magical carpetbag! I couldn’t believe how many goodies were stuffed into that small “Priority Mail” cardboard box!  Each and every item had been well thought out for the wants and needs of a young military hero.  There wasn’t one inch of wasted space, and nothing that wouldn’t be appreciated and enjoyed, by at least one young man, and most likely shared among a number of them!

This is just a small portion of the items organized to go into boxes each month. I was impressed with the efficiency of the whole process!

This is just a small portion of the items organized to go into boxes each month. I was impressed with the efficiency of the whole process!

One of the things I found most fascinating about the boxes was the fact that they send a little zip-lock sandwich bag filled with some spices.  One of them is taco seasoning from Del Taco.  It turns out, as I was told that the MRE meals lack flavor, so the taco-seasoning is a HUGE hit with the young men!  When told that their hot sauce was the one the young men preferred the most, the Del Taco at 9822 Magnolia Avenue in Santee, CA volunteered to donate enough to be sent off every month! Kudos to them for repeatedly stepping up to the plate for our military!

When I pulled up to Linda’s Escondido home that Saturday, it was a bee-hive of activity! I couldn’t believe how much was already happening by the time I arrived. One of the first things Linda did was to pray for the people working and for the military who would be receiving the boxes. She then read a few letters that had been received from some of the recipients of the boxes.  You would have thought that the boxes held the greatest treasures in the universe when you heard the heartfelt thanks for them!  It brought tears to my eyes to think that the simple little “shoebox” size boxes would bring such joy!

This letter and a handwritten note went into each box that we packed for our servicemen.

This letter and a handwritten note on a greeting card went into each box that we packed for our servicemen. Often, pictures drawn by schoolchildren in the area also go into the boxes. Because school was out of session, we didn’t have any of the children’s drawings to put into the boxes this particular month.

I approached one of the women working, who seemed to be knowledgeable about the procedures,  and she gave me a brief  “assembly line” walk through, and  set me to filling up boxes.  I went through the assembly line process and filled a few of the boxes.  It was then time to “repack” the boxes, and I was instructed in that.  Because there are toiletry items, and food items, they are separated into 2 different zip lock bags, so that if something should leak, everything isn’t ruined. There is a real science to packing the boxes so everything gets there safely, usable and fitting in the box. Everything is boxed in a Priority Mail box, which is $16.75 for all you can fit in the box, no matter what the weight.  And fit it in, they do!  Toilet paper, socks, a book, a magazine, numerous snacks, both salty and sweet, talcum powder, eye drops, toothpaste and toothbrush, lip balm, crossword puzzles and other assorted items fill the boxes to the brim! Every box also gets a hand written note, and often pictures drawn by children.

A few of the volunteers of Operation America Cares, preparing the monthly boxes to be sent to our Military Heros who don't get recognized personally by family or friends.

A few of the volunteers of Operation America Cares, preparing the monthly boxes to be sent to our Military Heros who don’t get recognized personally by family or friends.

After I had helped fill a number of boxes it was mentioned that they were very short with hand written notes this month, so I went into the house to sit down and write out some cards to our Heroes!  This was right up my alley!  I LOVE writing letters, notes and cards! When I was younger and moved away from home, I used to hand-write up to 60 letters a week to friends and family!  (Obviously, that was Pre-email and Facebook days! I still miss handwritten letters updating us on what our loved ones are doing!)

We were writing notes to go into the boxes for our service men. Every box gets a handwritten card in it.We were writing notes to go into the boxes for our service men. Every box gets a handwritten card in it.

We were writing notes to go into the boxes for our service men. Every box gets a handwritten card in it.

I had the pleasure of sitting at the kitchen table in Linda’s house and write out notes with a few other volunteers.  The time flew by, and before I knew it, packing was done, and it was time for a photo with all of the packaged boxes and the volunteers from the day.

The boxes go to Military in all four branches who typically don’t ever get any care packages from home. Linda works closely with the Family Readiness officer at Camp Pendleton, and he gives her names and addresses of chaplains and commanding officers who have requested boxes for their men in the field.

I was happily surprised to see Liz Beach Hallin, who I've known since she was a small kid. Although Liz is fighting her own battle with MS, she was there to do her part to help our military. Liz was there with her husband Micah, and her mom Sarah Beach. Liz has a brother, Kenneth, who is in the Army. My son and Kenneth were friends as small boys, and Kenneth always said he was going to go into the military!

I was happily surprised to see Liz Beach Hallin, who I’ve known since she was a small kid. Although Liz is fighting her own battle with MS, she was there to do her part to help our military. Liz was there with her husband Micah, and her mom Sarah Beach. Liz has a brother, Kenneth, who is in the Army. My son and Kenneth were friends as small boys, and Kenneth always said he was going to go into the military!

The Starfish Story


What two sisters put in motion 10 years ago is awe inspiring!  I’m so glad to have been a part of it! What I can’t help but think though is HOW MANY MORE young marines could use one of these packages each month!  Probably, literally THOUSANDS!  Please don’t misunderstand and think that I am in ANY way putting down Operation America Cares.  Heavens NO!  What I’m saying though is that we could use 50, 100, 500 more “chapters” of this charity across the country, doing what is being done here for our young military heroes!

It makes me think of the Starfish story.  There are a few versions of it, but the gist of them are all the same.  The story goes something like this……..A little boy is walking along the beach, and thousands of starfish are washed up on the shore, going to die.  He leans over as he walks along, and continues to throw in one starfish after another.  He is walking with his grandpa who says to him, “Why bother? You can’t make a difference, with all of these starfish dying on the beach.” The little boy’s response is “It makes a difference to this one.”

That’s what Operation America Cares is all about.  It’s making a difference to that marine who receives a package.  Hopefully, that package puts a smile on his or her face, knowing that someone they don’t even know has thought about them, and making their day better as they serve our country. It is a very small drop in the bucket, but it is a drop that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for this amazing organization!

A picture of some of our young military Heros receiving one of the packages. Look at the delight on their faces, over something so simple!

A picture of some of our young military Heros receiving one of the packages. Look at the delight on their faces, over something so simple!

A Job Well Done!

The packing is down to such an efficient routine that it was over quickly! When we were finished, Linda took a photo of that months’ volunteers behind the 150 boxes we had prepared to be shipped off.  It takes a number of vehicles to get the boxes to the post office, so I volunteered to fill my car up.  I wanted to see the process “start to finish” so to speak.  One van and two cars filled to the brim, and off we went to get the boxes on their way to our well deserving military in the field.

The volunteers who worked at the July packing day, with the completed boxes ready to go off to the post office!

Some of the  volunteers who worked at the July packing day, with the completed boxes ready to go off to the post office! What a great group of people, doing their part to say “Thank You” to our heroes out in the field!

You Can Help Too!

You may wonder how you could help this worthwhile cause.  Go to their website. Make a donation, if you can to c,over postage, or to purchase items they may be short of one month. Perhaps, think of starting a similar organization in your area.  I don’t think we could possibly over saturate the “market” of needy Marines! If you are in the local area, purchase some of the supplies listed below,and get them to Linda for future packing dates.  Write some notes to marines to be included in future boxes. Arrange to come and help pack boxes one day.  Whatever you do to be a part of the this endeavor, you’ll be blessed by being a part of it, I’m sure!

Please, go and check out the website, and do what you can to help!

The back of one of the volunteer's shirts. She is a proud marine mom!

The back of one of the volunteer’s shirts. She is a proud marine mom!


Are you local to Operation America Cares, and wondering what you might purchase to help the cause out? Some of the goodies that go into the well planned out boxes are listed below:

What’s In a Box?

  • $$ for postage (currently $16.75 per care package)
  • Socks crew or athletic (no shorties please)
  • Eye drops (any brand) The wind, sun and desert sand hurt their eyes!
  • Triple anti-biotic ointment/Neosporin or other anti-biotic cream w/pain reliever
  • Advil/ibuprofen/generic pain relievers
  • Insect repellent – no aerosol spray cans
  • Sun screen – no aerosol spray cans
  • Full sized baby wipes/body wipes (80 count or larger)
  • Hand santizer – individual size
  • Chap sticks
  • Kleenex – travel size
  • Gold Body Powder (available at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each)
  • Disposable razors
  • Shaving gel – no aerosol cans
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes/dental floss
  • Toothpaste – regular size tubes
  • Toiletries from your hotel stays
  • Soap – any size
  • Gum – individual packs
  • Mints – individual packs
  • Single serve drink sleeves – for adding to bottles of water
  • Single serve coffee sleeves – such as Starbucks VIA
  • Top Ramen – no cup of soup (to big for care packages)
  • Canned soups, stews, fruit
  • Jerky – all flavors
  • Energy bars and snack bars
  • Nuts – individual bags or small cans
  • Sunflower seeds – individual packs
  • Dum dums, tootsie roll pops and hard candy.  Must be individually wrapped
  • M&M – individual bags ( they melt in your mouth, not in Afghanistan)
  • Cookies  – individual packs
  • Condiments – small giveaways from fast food restaurants and such – any kind!!!
  • Peanut butter/jam – individual servings
  • Crossword books/word game books/travel games
  • Magazines – no older than 3 months – please focus on men or social mags such as People
  • Paperback books – no romance novels please
  • DVDs – can be recycled
  • Blank paper, envelopes/pens – for them to write home
  • Thank you notes – written from us to them!  If you include your name and address, you may get a letter!
  • Pictures and notes from kids
  • Zip lock bags – gallon, quart or snack size
  • One more picture of a happy recipient of one of the boxes. You can see that by the time they receive them, the boxes look like they have been through the ringer!

    One more picture of a happy recipient of one of the boxes. You can see by the time they receive them, the boxes look like they have been through the ringer!

    Feel free to contact Operation America Cares directly, or get your donations to me and I will be happy to put them in Linda’s hands when I go over to volunteer for the next “packing party!”

Dancing— My Drug of Choice

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My friend Richard & me dancing at my 60th birthday party last November

My friend Richard & me dancing at my 60th birthday party last November

Dancing— The New Meditation

I have heard for decades that the best way to relax and achieve inner harmony is to meditate. You can’t live in Southern California without having a hundred people tell you “it’s the way to go.” I call BS on that! Don’t get me wrong. If you meditate, and it works for you, more power to you! I”ll even give you an “Om” to go.

Meditation Stresses Me Out!

It’s just that meditation, to me is the greatest and easiest way to stress out I have ever tried. I’ve tried it more than a handful of times and here is exactly what happens. I sit in this place I’ve decided to be quiet in and cleanse my mind. In approximately 30 seconds a committee shows up in my head. The committee is loud. It’s raucous. They all begin to talk, taunt and tease. I suddenly am filled with thoughts of all of the “productive” things I could be doing.…. Should be doing…..Need to get done. I think of things with work that I have been putting off. I think of things I could be writing for my blog rather than just sitting here wasting time. I think of things that need to be done in my house and how many things I need to organize. The closets that could use cleaning and the drawers that need sorting. I think of things that WILL need to be done for work, my house, my blog in the near future. I think about places I could go for travel and enjoyment and want to look those things up on the internet RIGHT THEN.

Meditation- I give it about 3 seconds til I hit the “crazy” button!

I begin to think about things that really bug me, things that have bothered me for a while and things I didn’t even KNOW bothered me. Now I start to get REALLY irritated at the things that I didn’t even know were bothering me.

Any small problem in my life can take on gargantuan proportions when I sit down to meditate. They suddenly become overwhelming.

Meditation Fills My Mind…

While attempting to meditate I start to think about things I have recently seen on Facebook that I thought were really profound or really cute or really irritating. You know the things I’m referring to such as the political posts that differ from your opinion or the people who voice their totally inane and negative opinions on someone’s post, which were TOTALLY unnecessary. The more I am supposed to “empty my mind” the more that comes in to crowd it and my blood pressure goes up. Which is, I think, the direct opposite of the point of meditating.

All of this brain hyperactivity can be accomplished in record time. I’m sure I’ve just spent at LEAST three hours in the process, and when I look at the clock, I’ll be damned, five minutes haven’t even passed! God bless you if this meditation thing calms you down. It just stresses the hell out of me!

The same people who like to meditate, enjoy Yoga. Don’t even get me going on that one! If I’m going to spend an hour in an exercise class, I want to feel like it’s doing something for my body. I can’t get through half a yoga class without wanting to laugh at the absurd positions (which don’t seem to be building any sort of muscle that I can tell). I want to giggle at the silly names they call them. And for some reason, the people in Yoga class are just too damned serious about the whole thing. It becomes a religious activity for them, it seems. Forget Yoga…..I much prefer to do a few crunches, hold a plank, lift a few weights, or Zumba my way to cardio health. In Zumba you can’t help but have a happy attitude! Why…. because DANCE MOVES are happening there!

Dancing is my “Drug of Choice!”

Don & Patti dancing when Don's foot was broken!

It’s a little blurry- but I love that even when Don had a broken foot- we found a way to dance!

I guess the cat is out of the bag. I’m not a Zen girl. My idea of relaxing is planning a party, figuring out my next event, or dancing. Dancing is my “drug of choice.”

When I went through a divorce about 10 years ago, I decided to take up dancing. It was something I’d always wanted to learn, and it was the first thing I set my mind to when I knew the marriage was over. Now THERE is a stress reliever! There is a blood pressure reducer! And, like meditation and yoga combined, it’s GREAT for your body! Within a few months, although I was out every evening and enjoying a few drinks, I looked better than I had in years! I lost weight and toned up, without dieting or even TRYING! (Looking at my body right now, I think I need to get back on the dancing-every-night-wagon!)

I would look forward to my next night out dancing like a drug addict looks forward to meeting up with his “supplier!”  No matter WHAT was going on, no matter how stressful things were, in my mind I’d be thinking….”Just 2 more nights until I get to dance!”  I’d be in the car, and as I listened to music I could picture what dance would go to the beat, what moves you could do to a certain song….. and there was no thought of the stresses that life was giving me at that time!

Ladies dancing together!

We dance with our girlfriends in grade school, middle school and high school. Even into our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s we still have “girl dances! Girls just wanna’ have fun!

When you dance, the committees can’t be in your head, because you are too busy following the lead of your partner. You can’t think about the problems you’ve got going on, what needs to be done at home or what is going on with work. There is only one focus….. Dancing….. what the next move is and where your partner and your body are going to lead you.

For me, dancing gives me all the benefits of meditation and then some.

If sitting in a quiet room, making your mind blank works for you, then go for it!   Just PLEASE don’t try telling me that it’s a stress reliever! Not for my A type of personality! Thirty minutes of meditation a day would probably put me in the grave within the first month!

My grand daughter Nell, and Jodi "cutting a rug." EVERY age can enjoy dancing!

My grand-daughter Nell, and Jodi “cutting a rug.” EVERY age can enjoy dancing!

No matter what problems I have in life, after a few hours of dancing I feel refreshed, at peace and in tune with my body and soul.

Dancing video, Kingston Mines

This video is a bit dark, and for that I apologize!  My daughter shot it of my love and I dancing in the summer of 2016 when we were back “home” in Chicago visiting family.  The place was dark, it was her cell phone, and we didn’t even know she was shooting it. What a fabulous night we all had though! 🙂



Cruisin’ With the Queen!

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EXCITING NEWS! I am putting together a fabulous event, and YOU can be a part of it if you’d like!

Just about everything you need to know about the fun!

A CRUISE for my fantastic gal-pals! Whether we are “old friends”, new acquaintances, or have never met- you are certain to have the time of your life!  There will be more than just what the cruise-line offers!

If you have been to any of my events- you KNOW I go above and beyond to make sure you will leave with far more than your expectations met! After all, they don’t call me “The Queen” for nothing!

This 4 night cruise will take place in April 2019- (so you have PLENTY of time to work it in to your budget!)

We will leave San Diego April 29th 2019, cruise up to Victoria, then end up in Vancouver!

The cruise is on Holland America, the MS Eurodam!

Your 4 nights will include a group of fantastic women!
* Events to get to know each other better, a few light seminar/workshops while at sea.
* All your meals
*On board activites- both ship-sponsored and private to our group
*Workshop/seminars for our group (optional to you!)

*** After the cruise for those who would like to extend, we will be taking the train to Seattle for a 2 or 3 night stay there. After all- who DOESN’T want to see them throw fish around Pike’s Market????

Think you may be interested? Contact me, or my fabulous travel agent, Adele (her info is on the flyer attached!)

I will guarantee you, we will have an AMAZINGLY FUN adventure……….. or my name isn’t The Queen of Damn Near Everything!

You can check out the info below, or go directly to this link to register!

The Comedy Queen – LIVE!

Cocktail Time, Comedy, Entertaining, Events, Productions & Concerts

I have a show coming up, and it is sure to be sold out, so don’t wait!  Get your tickets now!  Only a few tickets left!

Contact me NOW to join the fun!

I give a 100% money back guarantee that I will make you laugh!  (And by the way – if you DON’T laugh, get yourself checked out, you just may be DEAD and they forgot to bury you!

Don’t miss out on the fun! This great new restaurant will be a fantastic venue for fun!

Queen for a Day Retreat is Coming!

Adventures With Attitude!, Cocktail Time, Entertaining, Events, Fabulous After 50, Health = Happiness!, Networking Event, Sexy After 60!, You Can't Make This Shit Up!

The first “Queen for a Day” retreat is coming soon, and you won’t want to miss this!

The theme is “Learn to Live Like Royalty.” February 24th 9:30-4:00 with an optional “Happy Hour” afterwards! All of the needed details are on the flyer above.

Speakers, Delicious food catered by Etoufee’ Cafe on Wheels, Spa Treatments, Vision Boarding and more- all geared toward YOU and you creating a life you love! There will be raffles, give-aways and swag bags worth over $50.00 for each woman attending!

This day is going to be more fun than you can shake a stick at! Girlfriends galore, and more information, fun and fabulous-ness than you will EVER be able to stand!

Space will be limited, so sign up now!

If 2018 is the year that you are determined to get your life on track, be more successful and enjoy your life SO much more- then you need to attend this fun filled event!

More details about our fabulous speakers and sponsors will follow soon!  Don’t miss out- get your reservation in soon!

I have places for only 2 sponsors left, so if you’d like to sponsor, contact me NOW! Only $300.00 and you get to bring a friend/colleague, whatever!

Go to eventbrite or contact Patti Phillips to sign up:


“Tea With the Queen” Networking Event

Cocktail Time, Entertaining, Events, Networking Event

Delicious Home Made Treats, just for you!

Ladies, Are you looking for a fun and different way to network and meet “like minded business women?  Look no further!  I love putting on events for women which are a little bit different than the “lunch or evening in a restaurant” networking.  When you are relaxed and feel “at home” you can connect on a whole different level!  Come and enjoy afternoon tea in my home, which is transformed for the holidays!

Holiday NETWORKING “Tea With the Queen”

Enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea amidst beautiful holiday decorations in a gorgeous Carlsbad home while networking with like-minded women.  Shop for beautiful “bling” too! I have gorgeous handbags, handmade jewelry, hair jewels, tiaras and MORE!  All at “below retail prices.”

After all, why “Network” when you can “Net-FUN!?”

These are some of my fun “treasures” when I had a booth at a recent business seminar.

When:  Monday, December 4th 12:30-3:30

Where: A private Carlsbad Aviara Home (address given once  you register)

What:  Tea, Homemade scones and Lemon Curd, Tea Sandwiches, Dainties, A Signature drink for those who like to “Imbibe” and Shopping for the Crown Jewels and Bling!

$25.00 to attend.  Must preregister.

How:  Go to Eventbrite to register.  Space is VERY limited for this event, so don’t wait!

or Contact or 619-507-2100

Denim & Silver handbag

This denim, silver and rhinestone handbag goes with everything! Casual to classic!

And To All, A Good Night!

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Blog Launch Party Recap!

Don & Patti

My man, Don, always so supportive of my endeavors! Notice, the “signature cocktail” provided by our venue, Green Dragon Tavern!

My two “besties”- Stella & Linda, worked like bees helping me to make the whole event a success!

The official Queen of Damn Near Everything Blog Launch Party took place Thursday evening, May 11th. I think I can say with absolute certainty, a Good Night was had by all who attended!

It was a fun filled event, held at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum in Carlsbad. They let us use the upper bar area, which was very spacious and lovely.  Our servers took great care of us, and the food was all delicious!  I told their event coordinator, Kelsy that I am known for a signature martini at all my events, so they created “The Queens Cocktail” just for our event, and were even so gracious as to give us happy hour pricing on them!  Yummy Blood Orange Martinis, which were out of this world.  How can you beat that? (The added benefit, of COURSE, was knowing that we were all getting our vitamin C from the fresh orange puree!  I do what I can for the healt of my friends!)

Sparkley Crown Cookies by JuJuBee’s Desserts

Did Someone Say Shopping?

Purses, Jewelry and Tiaras!

A girl can’t have too much bling!

I think she is SHOCKED at the great prices!

Every girl needs to have a tiara, or two, or more!

This was not just the launch for my blog, but also the debut of my new line of jewelry, purses and tiaras!  My line is called The Crown Jewels, and quite a large number of ladies enjoyed shopping amidst the eating and revelry!

The Queen, telling a bit about the blog, and upcoming events

There were a few VERY lucky ladies at the event!  I had a lot of raffle prizes, and as always seems to happen, a few of the ladies proved to be VERY LUCKY that evening.  Sandy Rau and Wendy Rippee each won 3 raffle gifts.  Judee Tieger won 2!

Judee Tieger, who owns JuJuBee’s Desserts provided beautiful pink sparkley crown cookies with my logo on them. The kicker was the huge pewter 3 tiered tray she brought to serve them on!  It was, indeed regal!

Friends, You Can’t Beat ‘Em!

Vicki, Wendy & Stella

Patti & Kathe- a talented professional who produces her own podcast. Our regal cookies in the background!

The attendees proved to be a diverse crowd!  Friends from my Good Ol’ Gals networking group, my Lakeshore Gardens neighbors, friends I’ve known through business, my besties, my daughter and my many, friends of friends and more.  I truly appreciated the support and love felt in the room!

Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!

Barb- holding court it seems!

My daughter, Alyse (on the right) and her friend since birth, Kaitlin. (She’s my daughter from another mother!) Even the youngin’s were in attendance!

Marianne, Patti & BJ

Nancy, so sweet to come to my event!

Stella is always “Miss photgenic!” Don’t we all have one of THOSE friends????

Eloise- Yes, there will probably be swearing involved! Sorry love!

We did a survey to assess what future events the ladies might like, so some of those adventures are in the works right now!

Last, but certainly not least, Don, who was our official event photographer!

Stay tuned to see what comes up!  You won’t want to miss the action!

Blog Launch Party is Almost Here!

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The Queen of Damn Near Everything!

Patti Phillips, The Queen of Damn Near Everything!

The “Big Day” is almost here!  This Thursday, May 11th is our “The Queen of Damn Near Everything” blog launch party!  This is going to be a fantastic event!

Where Is It?

The Green Dragon Tavern & Museum, 6115 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA

When Is It?

Thursday, May 11th

4:30-6:30 PM

What Is It?

What in the world is going to happen at this spectacularly fun event you may ask?

I’m a gonna tell you right here! Fun! That’s what!  We will be having appetizers (which are included with your $12.00 ticket price), no host drinks, LOTS of great raffles to amazing things like massages, facials, museum tickets, gift cards, cute shit, free stuff and more! There is also going to be a chance to shop, (and who doesn’t LOVE to shop!

Shop for WHAT you may ask?  Bling.  Pure Bling.  Blingy purses, tiaras, jewelry, hair art. So, if you are lacking in BLING at your house, bring your wallet.  Bring your credit card.  DON’T bring your first born.  I don’t want them.  I have enough of my own……

What Should I Know About It?

What else do you need to know about the day, you might just ask?  Well, you CAN bring a friend, two friends, 16 friends………… They will have fun, and you’ll be my hero.

HOWEVER, if you could take a little minute or two to let me know they are coming, that would be most helpful.  We DO want to have enough of the afore mentioned food on hand, after all…

RSVP’s for the event, prepaid is nice.  Prepaid is only $12.00.  At the door is $15.00.  For the difference you’ll pay, you can almost buy a drink.  Or a pair of cute earrings. Or a mini tiara.  Get your priorities right sister.  These things add up!

You might be asking if MEN can attend.  Yes, men can attend.  They are going to be scarce, but there are a few planning on it.  One very smart single man is planning to attend.  He’s a SMART single man!  I know HIS ulterior motive!

The REALLY Important Stuff…..

Now this is the REALLY important stuff.  To win more great stuff, your chances are much greater when you have more tickets in the raffle… DUH!  How do you get more raffle tickets, so that you might enjoy a massage, a facial, pampering, dinner out at a restaurant?  SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG before the event.

Upon check in you’ll get 5 EXTRA RAFFLE TICKETS! Bring a friend (who isn’t already on my email list) and you’ll get 5 MORE RAFFLE TICKETS! Imagine all of the great items you will win!

Or, you can purchase raffle tickets at the event……. In any case, you will be having a fantastic time, you’ll meet new friends and business advocates, you’ll be eating scrumptious  food AND you will weigh in on upcoming events that the Queen of Damn Near Everything will be putting on in months to come!

To sign up, go to my  Eventbrite page, and sign up NOW, or contact me personally and I can take your cash or credit card!